How to Enable WebTop without Laptop/USB Dock!

For those of you who have an Atrix 4G but didn’t buy the Atrix 4G Laptop Dock nor the USB Dock, you are in luck because someone figured out how to hack the WebTop app so you can access the WebTop just with your HDMI cable.

I personally think the laptop dock and the USB dock is still way over-priced and besides, if I can access the WebTop via HDMI cable, I can just use my bluetooth keyboard and mouse instead.

So, here’s how to do it, make sure you have Motorola Atrix 4G drivers installed first, and you will need your Atrix 4G rooted.

Then download this zip file:

Unzip it and put the whole atrix4g-dock folder into your root directory such as C:\atrix4g-dock as shown here:

Then open up a command prompt and type:

cd \atrix4g-dock

This will switch you to that directory.

Enter the following lines (just copy and paste using your mouse):

adb push DockService.apk /mnt/sdcard/
adb push PortalApp.apk /mnt/sdcard/
adb shell
mount -o rw,remount /dev/block/mmcblk0p12 /system

mv /system/app/DockService.odex /system/app/DockService.odex.bak
mv /system/app/PortalApp.odex /system/app/PortalApp.odex.bak
cp /system/app/DockService.apk /system/app/DockService.apk.bak
cp /system/app/PortalApp.apk /system/app/PortalApp.apk.bak

cp /mnt/sdcard/DockService.apk /system/app
cp /mnt/sdcard/PortalApp.apk /system/app

Your Atrix 4G should now reboot.

Simply plug-in your HDMI cable to your Atrix 4G and you should see a pop-up like below:

Select “Motorola webtop”.

You should be able to see the WebTop on your HDTV or LCD like shown above.

You can use your phone now as a mouse or keyboard.  The best way is to hook up your bluetooth keyboard and mouse, which will work right off the bat.



Huge thanks to the developers at XDA Developers! – Link

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53 Responses to How to Enable WebTop without Laptop/USB Dock!

  1. oden says:

    hey want to say cudos for all the videos man I just got the atrix today and already i learned how 2 root my phone and have that laptop dock hack installed thanks much man

  2. Bhavik says:


    I followed all the steps as soon above but after reboot now i don’t get any pop-up screen after i connect with hdmi cable. Before this hack i use to get pop-up screen with 2 options a) Entertainment Centre b) Nothing.
    could you please help me out with it

  3. jay says:

    its not working on my atrix. i plugged in the hdmi cable and there’s no popup for webtop & entertainment center. my atrix is updated to .83 rooted with gingerbreak…help

    • max says:

      Not sure if this hack works on .83. I tried it on .57

    • Bossman says:

      i got the same problem, after Rooting my Atrix (for gingerbread) and following this method to enable webtop without DOCK, nothing happens…when i plug the hdmi cable, nothing happens….i am so confused….now my dock doesn’t work….TV show no signal….HELP

  4. moe abunada says:

    hey, i tried this and i am having the same problems, the pop up window does not show up after i plug in hdmi, help me out please

  5. Pat says:

    hey man i cant get passed the first command line when i put in “adb push DockService.apk /mnt/sdcard/”
    it says it failed to copy and that permission is denied. Please help

  6. mike says:

    I followed every step when i copy and paste th ecd \atrix4g-dock
    it gives me the systeme cannot find the path specified…………..i have all files in C:
    i dont get it???? plz help me


  7. Travis says:

    I have .83 and it worked for me- Thanks Man!! Kids love watching the Annoying Orange on the big tv-

  8. andres says:

    when i type su..
    say.. permission denied

  9. danny says:

    didnt work for me….boooooooo im using the the bell version of the phone…. different hack i guess

  10. Jay says:

    mine says permission denied as well

  11. Matt says:

    Mines works great. I’m using 4.5.91 on AT&T. The only problem I see is I don’t have the keyboard show up like in the video. The phone just turns into a mouse pad. Any ideas how to get the keyboard to show up? Thanks

    • serola says:

      i had the same problem i dont know how to get the keyboard on my phone.

      can be because i am running another launcher, the regina launcher?

      But this method works greattt! my phone is 4.5.91.MB860 ATT android version 2.3.4 rootedd and unlocked

  12. james says:

    (su) not found after adb scheel typed ??

  13. james says:

    ahh he says in the video you need to root it before you can do this webtop shit

  14. SpiderNoob7 says:

    So I went through the whole process and when I connected my atrix to my tv with the hdmi cable my phone displayed the pop up menu to allow me to pick between webtop, and media center and I chose webtop. After going through the start up splash screen with the Motorola logo the webtop program launched on the tv, but my phones screen didn’t turn into the mouse pad like it was supposed to(it functioned like a mouse pad but didn’t have the mouse pad image with the two buttons with the option for the keyboard). My phone screen after starting the webtop program went back to my home screen, but my phones screen worked at the touch pad but didn’t have the proper image of the dark mouse pad with two buttons. I couldn’t manipulate the phones displayed in the webtop program by tapping on my phones display. I didn’t know if this was an issue that only I was having so my friend who has the same phone/firmware 4.5.91/and os 2.3.4 went through your tutorial, and he had the exact same issue.

    I tried trouble shooting the issue by uninstalling launcher pro off my phone, because I saw that was running in a tab on the phone image on the webtop program. I restarted my phone after uninstalling launcher pro and then launched the webtop program and my phone went right back to the home screen after starting the webtop program. I also went to the resource link at the bottom of your tutorial and the developer had updated DockService.apk file and the PortalApp.apk file(with supposed mirroring enabled as well but it was untested) and I retyped in the commands in your tutorial writing over the old files with the updated ones. When I restarted my phone and tested these files my phone would force close the dock service every time I connected the hdmi cable. So I went through your tutorial with the original files again to get the webtop working again. So my only problem is my phone doesn’t show the proper screen when i connect the hdmi cable which means I can’t access the keyboard therefore I can’t type anything into the webtop program meaning its completely useless to me… PLEASE HELPPPP.. I really would like to use this hack

  15. Danny says:

    When i had to paste mv /system/app/DockService.odex /system/app/DockService.odex.bak
    it said no such directory etc.. what do i do??? please email me

  16. Haven152 says:

    i have the same problem PLEASE HELP…. I heard about the CG61.img file and moto-fastboot but not sure of instructions on how to do it. its supposed to fix the hack issues or something any info will be appreciated

  17. haven152 says:

    yeah i have to same issue.. i heard something about cg61.img and moto-fastboot to fix hack but not sure anyboday know how to instructions. PLEASE HELP…. Thank you

  18. Ace says:

    I have same prob as spidernoob7

  19. Carlos says:

    Is root still needed? Is there any update to this method?

  20. skytaz says:

    I have the same issue as SpiderNoob7 where I have no mouse pad or keyboard. I have noticed that it shows the home screen on the monitor as I have on the phone and I can move the mouse around with the phone screen but thats it. If I choose one of the phone functions on the monitor it opens on my phone but I can’t access it. I think it has to do with the release we are on. I am running 4.5.91.MB860.ATT.en.US on Android ver. 2.3.4

    I was really hoping for it to work and if you can find a fix that will allow us to correct what we have already done, that would be great.

  21. Christian says:

    My phone is an atrix 4g with at&t is rooted,i been trying the steps to the teeth… the devie is in debugging mode,in usb connection to none.I unzip the five files and placed the in a folder with the name atrix4g-dock,placed that folder in my C:drive.Ran CMD and the I get:

    C:\atrix4g-dock>adb push DockService.apk /mnt/sdcard/
    error: device not found

    I thought it was my sdcard i bought a new one and it is still the same.

    Do I even need a sdcard in it?
    do i need to do an extra step??
    Any help please””

  22. James says:

    I don’t have a micro sd card in my phone yet. Is there a way to do this hack without one? I keep getting: no such file or directory. I am guessing that is because it is pointed at an SD card that doesn’t exist. I ordered the sd online but haven’t received it yet.

  23. James says:

    Nevermind. I found a micro sd card. The problem is the same as other people’s. Permission denied.

  24. Renato says:

    is possible do the same for the Atrix 2, i think yes but why about you please

    Thank you doc

  25. Jair says:

    Hey thanks for the video work great, but when I go to webtop, my phone screen freezes, I cant see the mouse pad nor the keyboard but my screen still acts like a mouse?? So I can’t really use it

  26. Hello Kym, I tried to enable the webtop with your tutorial, but when I enter the command “su” an error “not found”.
    as I can do to get to work?

  27. robin says:

    Hi i have done all step but when i plug in the hdmi cable. It doesnt show anything and the screen of my tv are black please helpe me

  28. khan says:

    i got android 2.3.4 on my atrix i have rooted it successfully and pasted that all code but its not working after pluging in hdmi cable it does not show any thing on screen …max can u help me with that ???

  29. 1984 says:

    did it! for the ones who get “permission denied” message, i think you forget to choose “none” on the usb choice screen when you plug it in.

    my atrix seems ready, tomorrow evening i’ll let you know about it

    Greetings from Turkey

  30. Özkan says:

    I used this method for my atrix(not 4g), but after reboot when i plug in hdmi cable nothing happens , no “webtop” menu comes nor any image appears on tv(writes 1080p on the corner which means signal is going), is there any way to undo al steps that you told so at least i can use multimedia mode again,

  31. johnsonbar says:

    great write up, easy to follow for a noob like me. i do have one question though, after i did mine there was no keyboard on the phone for text entry, what did i do wrong?

  32. Ivan says:

    How can I restore back the service?

  33. Pingback: how can I restore stock webtop, lapdock, and Entertainment Center for 2.3.6?

  34. Ivan says:

    How can I restore back the official dock service?

  35. shallyman says:

    this didn’t work for me, and now I can’t use webtop at all (on my lapdock) so how do I uninstall this?

  36. James says:

    help me on this on typing su this is what displays

    /system/bin/sh: su: not found

    how to go next?

  37. Hakan says:

    I can’t complete hacking I think it’s because of I’m using MROM on my Atrix 4G. After typing “su” it doesn’t ask if i allow or deny this as a superuser. And after typing ” cp /system/app/DockService.apk /system/app/DockService.apk.bak ” it’s saying:
    ” mv /system/app/DockService.odex /system/app/DockService.odex.bak
    mv: can’t rename ‘/system/app/DockService.odex’: No such file or directory ”

    does anybody know how can I do this? thanks in advance.

  38. Hakan says:

    I can’t complete hacking I think it’s because of I’m using MROM on my Atrix 4G. After typing “su” it doesn’t ask if i allow or deny this as a superuser. And after typing ” cp /system/app/DockService.apk /system/app/DockService.apk.bak ” it’s saying:
    ” mv /system/app/DockService.odex /system/app/DockService.odex.bak
    mv: can’t rename ‘/system/app/DockService.odex’: No such file or directory ”

    does anybody know how can I do this? thanks in advance

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