How to Get Free Wifi Tether on Your Atrix 4G!

For those of you who don’t want to pay extra $20/month to AT&T on the same internet you paid already on your Atrix 4G, here’s how to get free wifi tether on your Atrix 4G by installing the free Android Wifi Tether app.

Requirements: You need a rooted Atrix 4G phone.

I tried to make it simple for you so go download this zip file: (or if you have adb already just go download the latest version of Android Wifi Tether app here.)

Unzip it, put it under your root directory such as c:\atrix4g-wifitether

Then open up a command prompt and type:

cd \atrix4g-wifitether

apk install wireless_tether_2_0_7.apk

Go to your phone now and you should find the Wireless Tether app installed.

Run it and start tethering!

No, AT&T can’t do anything about it, Congress has recently passed a law saying users of Android smartphones can do whatever modifications they want on their phone. ¬†Of course, AT&T is also free to block those users but this isn’t illegal by any means.

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17 Responses to How to Get Free Wifi Tether on Your Atrix 4G!

  1. ryuzakikun96 says:

    Hi, I was wondering if you could figure out how to unlock your phone so you don’t have to install non-market apps manually using the command prompt.

  2. ryuzakikun96 says:

    In your video you mention how you are frustrated about not being able to load apps like wifi tethering on to your pc, down there is a link to a program called gladenabler which enables non-market apps on your phone.

  3. Rick says:

    Hey so if I do this wifi tether thing I will be using my data plan right they wont try to add a new plan to my account?

  4. brandon s. says:

    Is there a way to run wap2 from this app on the atrix4g.

  5. matt says:

    you say after doing command prompt “apk install wireless_tether_2_0_7.apk” you need to edit and put “adb install wireless_tether_2_0_7.apk” like it says on your screen. thank you great job!!!

  6. Jr says:

    I follow the instructions and rooted successfully. Installed the wireless_tether_2_0_7.apk successfully however, when I open the program and try to lanch a wifi hot spot it gives me this error…

    “No Access Control!

    Sorry, but your kernal does not have all necessary features for the Access Control feature of this application. Access Control will be disabled.

    Please see our FAQ:

    When I follow the link it gives me instructions but I do not know where to complete them…

    Can anyone help me?????

  7. Mackie says:

    I was wondering if your atrix is locked to a specific provider how can you simply unloc it to use any provider/sim card.

  8. David says:

    Noticed that your video shows that your phone is on froyo , but does the apk work for ginger bread? 2.3.4?

  9. david shrader says:

    i have the new 4.5.91 update on my motorola atrix is there a way to root it safely thanks for any input !!!!!!!

  10. Prince says:

    great job…..
    once correction the command is

    adb install wireless_tether_2_0_7.apk

    and u will see success :)

  11. MXIIA says:

    What law is it that you referenced?

  12. Mellvin Beltre says:

    There’s another way to do wifi tethering, and for me is a better one, is native, without wifi tethering app, just editing a line in the phone settings with a sqleditor app, and it works fine. contact me if you want to now.

  13. m says:

    Does this work on rooted Atrix running 2.3.4?

  14. Nick says:

    I would stay away from this. AT&T likes to be crooks to customers who try to choose what they do with data they already pay for. I rooted my phone and I was going to set up tethering just for peace of mind until I heard of a case of a customer who tethered his data for a few minutes for a few megabytes and they informed him that he can continue to tether on the $45/month data plan they just signed him up for without warning. I can’t afford to pay anymore, when I signed this 2 year contract I actually had a JOB, lol. If you decide to do this, good luck to you.

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