Aura ROM for Rooted Atrix 4G! [3500+ Quadrant][1.3Ghz Overclocking]

Looking for a fast ROM for your Atrix 4G?  If so, you might want to try out the Auora ROM, which comes with Ext4 filesystem (makes your file i/o read and writes much faster) plus 1.3Ghz overclocking.  I was getting over 3500 on Quadrant benchmarking, which is a vast improvement over stock.

You will need the updated ClockworkMod Recovery for this ROM so don’t forget to update!

Download ROM here:

Download Aura ROM

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12 Responses to Aura ROM for Rooted Atrix 4G! [3500+ Quadrant][1.3Ghz Overclocking]

  1. Jay says:

    like the rom, pretty plane thought im seeing 3856 quad scores which blows my mind, wouldnt mind a better theme on it though, any thoughts or ideas on this?

  2. Diviance says:

    It is riskier, but you CAN top 4500+ in Quadrant using I fixed some of problems with the I just released while retaining a good portion of the performance enhancement of no journaling while, at the same time, allowing you to flash unmodified ext3 cwm zips for themes and the like :)

  3. jui says:

    get cm7
    overclock to 1.5
    quad score:5132

    cm7 is the best rom

    • T. Ionut says:

      Yes you can do that and get even higher than 5100, then play a resource heavy game and see the phone temp. going past 75 degrees celsius which is a no-no. Plus cm7 [at least for me] is not that stable.

  4. Michael says:

    Thanks for the great site. I’m getting my atrix in the mail in the next few days and i think based on your review i’ll be using the aura rom.

  5. Anton says:

    Hi! Nice ROM.
    All I want to know is: 1)How stable is it? 2)How it affects the battery life? (and if i would use a 2430mAh battery from ebay ?) 3)Is it heating up or anything, can it handle a longterm overclock?


  6. Victor says:

    I installed Aura Rom and love it, but when I go into usb mass storage mode it restarts my phone. Only way to get around is to unmount my sd card. Any other solutions?

    • Victor says:

      oh, i noticed that there is mirroring already on aura mod. however, the webtop feature is no where to be found and entertainment center is gone as well. i think the method you have on your site to enable webtop is broken for this mod.

  7. yuvie says:

    Will Lapdock work with this ROM?

  8. yuvie says:

    Will the Motorola Lapdock work with this ROM?
    If not do you know of any stable ROM’s that will work with the Lapdock?

  9. Zotrules says:

    Would the fingerprint still work? Would the lapdock become useless?

  10. Zoe Brown says:

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