DarkSide ROM for Rooted Atrix 4G! [1.3Ghz Overclocking][Webtop Hack]

The DarkSide ROM is another great ROM featuring 1.3Ghz overclocked kernel, WebTop hack (for HDMI), and Ext4 filesystem for a super-fast Atrix 4G experience with a custom UI (red and grey).

This is probably one of the best ROMs for the Atrix 4G right now, give it a go and let me know how it works out for you.

You will need the updated ClockworkMod Recovery to install the ROM correctly.

Download ROM here:

Download DarkSide ROM

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12 Responses to DarkSide ROM for Rooted Atrix 4G! [1.3Ghz Overclocking][Webtop Hack]

  1. Tommy says:

    on this rom it fast but it drain alot of battery live and it 4g keep hoping to 3g , i got your and xda forum rom

  2. Brandon S says:

    Im useing this rom and i like it but it has one major flaw and many other people may not care but it seems to disable my lapdock it dosnt seem to hookup to it anymore and thats a probem my question is how do i go about removing it so i can try the aura ROM?

  3. chase says:

    do you need to unlock the boot loader to get this? or can you just root it?

  4. Muii says:

    Clocking Atrix 4G at 1.3Ghz would bring any different?

  5. David says:

    How do I set my mp3 ringtones as a ringer. It only shows default ringers under the “sound” option.

    • Degfer says:

      search the folder where are the ringtones in your phonem and there drop the songs or new ringtones… sometimes the music player allows you to set a song as ringtone.

      i hope this where helpfull

  6. Stig from Norway says:

    is it possible to change Theme on this DarkSide ROM , if so what Theme and where do i go to get them.

  7. J says:

    For some reason I can’t access the internet after flashing this rom. I checked my APN setings and they are correct. T-Mobile is my carrier. Any ideas?

  8. Joker says:

    will the lapdock work or not.. I want to make sure before installing

  9. Katherina says:

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