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How to Root Atrix 4G! [The Easy Way]


Warning: Don’t use for new Atrix 4G with 4.5.91 update! For those of you wondering how to root your Atrix 4G, here’s an easier way over the older method we posted earlier.

This will work on any version of Atrix 4G on AT&T. (not tested with other carriers)

First, put your Atrix 4G into RSD mode by turning off your phone then holding down the Power Button WHILE HOLDING DOWN Volume Up button and you can let go of both buttons when you see a screen like this:

Next, connect y

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How to Root Atrix 4G!


For those of you who’ve picked up a brand, new Atrix 4G, you might want to think about rooting your Atrix 4G.

Why root the Atrix 4G?

Well, by rooting your Atrix 4G, you can get cool stuff like being able to use the WebTop (with a hack) via HDMI cable without the laptop dock or the USB dock. ¬†As for me, it was rather too expensive to get the laptop dock or the USB dock and by rooting and adding the WebTop hack, I could get the same features without having to buy a proprietary device I don’t need.

Also, you can get different ROMs on your Atrix 4G when you root it pl

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